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2nd Mission exists to sow the Good News among university students of Vietnam

Why Vietnam?
Vietnam is the 14th largest nation in the world, with a population of over 96.5 million. The largest religion is Buddhism, but the vast majority of the people practice Ancestor Worship. Less than 1% (0.9%) of Vietnamese are evangelical. The average salary for Vietnam is $300 per month, but it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Currently, tremendous change is coming to the country through economic development and rapid urbanization. The next generation is embracing the concept of change with enthusiasm, because of a hope for better entrepreneurial opportunities in the future.  2ND MISSION exists for such a time as this, by introducing TRUTH through culturally relevant resources to the university students and young professional adults of Vietnam.

Why 2nd Mission?

History and Purpose



Norman and Anita developed an innovative method to share truth with the university students in a very non-threating and secure environment. Not wanting it to be only a one-time encounter with each student, they along with their volunteer teams, spent the entire year of 2008 interviewing and surveying university students. Out of this came their Career and Professional Development book, The Road to Success. Using this book, the students not only learn English and valuable career information, but are also introduced to the most important news of all, the Good News.


2nd Mission continues to take volunteer teams and conduct events in coffee houses that attract English speaking students. At the conclusion of each program, the book, Road to Success, is given away to each attendee. The students are eager to receive the book and to have small group discussions with the volunteer teams, so that they can practice their English and learn about success.


Norman Coe lives with his wife (Anita) in Louisville, KY. After serving out his military obligation in 1969-70 (serving 14 months) in Vietnam, Norman returned to Louisville to pursue his dream, self-employed building contractor. He married Anita Mattingly and they had two children, Aaron and Stacey. Ten years later, God called them into ministry, and they served two churches over the next 27 years. During that time, Norman, along with his wife Anita, returned to Vietnam on a couple of Vision trips.


Knowing the country was closed to traditional workers, they began to look for ways to share TRUTH. They found it among the university students, especially those who know or were learning English. Knowing that only about 1% of the population had experienced the truth of the Good News, Norman resigned from the church he was serving in October of 2007 to devote his time, energy and resources to increasing that 1%. 2ND Mission became a reality in 2008.


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