Our Mission




The biggest concern on the minds of the university students is to be able to learn and speak English well and whether or not they will be successful in life. The Road to Success initiative is an effort to culturally address these two concerns in a practical manner. It is our desire to encourage the students by helping them overcome their concerns, and at the same time win a hearing with them in order to present TRUTH. The publication of this book is in parallel form [Vietnamese and English].


This book contains articles related to professional, career, and spiritual development. Chapters include practical subjects such as job interviews, developing a resume, setting goals, decision making with integrity, and various witnessing tools such as the book of John and the plan for new life. Permission from the Vietnam Government has been granted in order to publish this book in country as a registered publication. 

This book is distributed through the following:

Business X-Change - Through Seminars by businessmen
Culture X-Change -Through Discussion groups by students
“Gift of Love” - Given to Freshmen during first semester
Personal X-Change - Through daily activities