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Testimonials and Letters
Letter from a Campus Leader

Dear Norman ! 

I’m so blessing when  you came to (Mountainous Region) for reaching the lost people. I believe Jehovah will give me strength and his power for me can continue contact with all of students He gave to me through "Gift of Love" project and sharing good news to them. I'm so appreciate about you and your team always yarping and support for ourcampus. I sent to you some picture and some testimony about “Gift of Love” story.
May Jehovah bless you and your team, your family. 

Bless and blessings.

Letter from a Gathering  Planter

Dear Mr. Norman

On behalf of our team, I want to say thank you for your trip to our city today. Thank your for spending your time and efforts to preach Jehovah for our youth.

Besides, there were 35 people joining the talk show. And they loved what you had shared.

And I hope we will have more opportunities to cooperate to do works in the future.

Jehovah bless you and He give your more power to do more things to him.

Letter from a Gathering Planter
Hi Mr Norman, 

What you have done for us is great, we appreciate what you did, i am working on some contacts to have more conversations about the Son of Man, 

All of them said nice things about the event, thanks so much, i hope we can do better the next times,

Again, thanks so much for your kind support in all ways, i am looking forward to hearing more from you for coming things,


Letter from a Campus Leader
Dear Norman Coe, 
Thanks a lot for your help and for your encouragement. We also like topic you share for us. It helps my students very much, many students who are non- believer have good feedback. We will easy connect with them to share the good news. Please yarp for us! 

I am glad when we can work together in the future. 

Letter from Campus Leader
Hi Mr. Norman,
 I would to update to you and your team. According to feedbacks, 18/39 want to know more about good news (39 are non-believers). And we are following up with them. Thanks for a great night!
And thank you so much for that night. The students, they tell us they love what you shared and they are so motivated. Your sharing made them also curious about Jehovah. (Actually they are curious about why you all are doing this and we bridge them to the love of our Maker and the good news.) So thank you all so much for your heart for the lost. We are so honor and thankful to know and to work with your team. We hope to see you again soon!
And may Jehovah protect and bless your family always. 

Testimony from a Campus Leader
Dear Norman,

It’s my pleasure to co-work with you to help people to the true meaning of life and success. The more I work with you the more I admired your heart for the unbelievers.
I am thankful that our Father opens the way for us to work together. It seems your book is very helpful students and young professional workers who want to be successful in life. And that is my dream and desire to see the young generation of this country come to know Jehovah and glorify Him where they live.

Letter from a Vietnamese Student

Mr. Norman,

To begin I would like to talk about me. My name' s Hoang an Ha. I'm 20 years old and a vietnamese girl. I'm a student of university of social science and humanity. I think that is enough to introduce for me. And then I want to send thank you for your book that you present it to me. The book "The road to success" help me success in clearly identifiable goal. I have a big dream. I want to have a scholarship to go abroad to study hotel management. I try harder and harder to achieve final goal but now I don't still achieve any successful result in my study. Sometimes I feel tired and want to give up. However, when I read the book "The road to success", I know I had a mistake, I just concerned to final result in my goal, I don' t look up the success along the way that I' m going on. I leave out of important resources matter that help me achieve the goal. In addition, your book help me break the goal down in the monthly and weekly steps. I don' t have habit to plan daily, weekly and monthly. That' s my greatest weakness, which I have to leave out of in new year. I want to thank you for helping me have a spiritual peace.

Letter from an English Club
Bless you and your team, Mr. Coe. We appreciate the opportunity it gives us to "spice up" our normal format as well as a few new faces that we were able to meet as well. We pray that Jehovah will bless your seed sowing activities 😊